Self-Discovery and Adventure

For some of us who yearn to travel, it can be difficult to find someone to journey with.

Friends and family members are tied down in jobs, struggling to save money,

and don’t always want to go to the same places.

The solution, of course, is to go it alone, a sometimes scary prospect,

but at the same time, a chance for self-discovery and adventure.

But where to go? Get your bucket list ready,

because here are some of the best travel alone destinations in the world.

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1. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne City Australia, Self-Discovery and Adventure

Melbourne is a hot-spot

travel destination, and it’s

easy to see why with its

beautiful beaches and

bustling city life.

Why it’s a great choice:

1. Australia as a whole

is considered a safe

destination for international travel, and because of that, many solo travelers go there.

2. As an English-speaking country, you won’t be faced with any language barriers.

3. Melbourne is incredibly easy to get around because you can walk

or bike practically anywhere!

Self-Discovery and Adventure

2. Thailand

thailand-6, Self-Discovery and Adventure

Thailand is great for solo travelers—perhaps because it is one of the Buddhist mindset,

which promotes equality among the sexes.

Why it’s a great choice:

1. Thailand is known for its friendly hospitality, and as a travel hot-spot,

there are plenty of chances to meet other like-minded travelers.

2. Overall known for being very cheap, especially in the north.

A good choice if you want to get away on a budget.

3. Thailand has a lot to offer, from the party-central Bangkok to beautiful beaches

and tropical jungle. Travelling around Thailand is really easy—the country

is a well-worn destination on the backpacking trail.

3. Bhutan

Bhutan, Self-Discovery and Adventure

Bhutan is one of the most cultural countries in the world.

It is also home to the world’s highest unclimbed peak, Gangkhar Puensum.

The mountain is sacred and the Bhutanese government has banned mountaineering.

Why it’s a great choice:

1. Entry is only possible on a pre-booked tour, where you are escorted around

by your own personal guide.

2. Bhutan is the place to go for a brand new cultural experience.

It had no roads, no electricity, no motor vehicles or telephones until the 1960s.

Plastic bags have been banned in Bhutan since 1999 and in 2004,

it became the first country in the world to outlaw tobacco.

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4. Costa Rica

Savegre River. Self-Discovery and Adventure

Costa Rica great place if

you’re looking for

adventure, with surfing,

volcanoes and other

recreational activities.

Once stereotyped as an

unsafe travel destination,

Costa Rica is full of warm-

hearted and helpful locals.


Why it’s a great choice:

1. You’ll never get a chance to feel lonely because there’s an abundance of exciting

adventures to embark on!

2. Costa Rica has never seen political unrest, class struggles

or revolutions commonly associated with other Latin American Countries.

What’s more, it doesn’t have or need an army because it’s such a peaceful country.

5. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, Self-Discovery and Adventure

Despite being one of the biggest cities in the world,

Hong Kong is a great place to relax as it is full of “Zen moments,”

such as beautiful gardens and Tai Chi classes.

Why it’s a great choice:

1. Hong Kong is regarded as one of the safest cities in the world.

2. If you’re not well-traveled, or perhaps a bit weary of things like language barriers,

Hong Kong is a great place to start, as it mixes both Eastern and Western at the same

time. Because of its British heritage, much of central Hong Kong speaks English.

3. There’s just so much to do! Whatever you like to do, and whatever you’d like to try,

you’ll find it in Hong Kong.

6. Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru. Self-Discovery and Adventure

The famed capital of the ancient Inca Empire,

Cusco has served as a travelers’ mecca for hundreds of years.

A place steeped in culture, Cusco is known for its indigenous population—

often seen on the streets in their traditional clothing.

Why it’s a great choice:

1. Cusco is a stone’s throw away from the “lost” city of the Incas: Machu Picchu.

2. Home of some of South America’s most fascinating archaeological sites.

Self-Discovery and Adventure

7. Alaska

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. Self-Discovery and Adventure

Alaska is no stranger when it comes to welcoming solo travelers;

nearly 20% of visitors to Alasaka travel alone.

Why it’s a great choice:

1. Natural wonders, including glacier-carved fjords, snow-capped mountains

and majestic icebergs.

2. Whale-watching—need I say more?!

8. Aran Islands

Aran Islands, Self-Discovery and Adventure

The Arans are three islands and is located off the west coast of Ireland.

A true Irish experience, the Aran Islands are the perfect place to escape the hustle

and bustle of everyday life.

Why it’s so great:

1. Very safe, secluded islands with friendly locals.

2. The perfect place for a cycling getaway—the most common form of transport

on the islands.

3. Home to the most impressive Iron Age fortress in all of Europe.

9. Malaysia

Kuala-Lumpur, Self-Discovery and Adventure

One of the top solo travel

destinations in Asia. With a

well-deserved reputation for

being a safe, stable,

conservative Muslim

country, Malaysia has the

hallmarks of an ideal exotic

locale for solo travelers.

Why it’s so great:

1. Malaysia is one of the more technologically advanced areas of Asia,

so things generally work well and more or less on schedule.

2. The year is filled with colorful and exhilarating experiences including

various festivals and events.

3. Malaysia is like two countries in one, with the wild jungles of Borneo

and the space-age high-rises of Kuala Lumpur.

10. Bali, Indonesia

Temple at Bedugul, Bali. Self-Discovery and Adventure

Bali is a spiritual place with yoga, spas, organic eateries and beaches.

The combination of friendly, hospitable people and magnificently visual culture

has made Bali Indonesia’s unrivaled number one tourist attraction.

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Why it’s so great:

1. You almost definitely won’t be the only solo traveler in Bali.

Everyone is known for being extremely friendly

and you’re sure to meet some amazing characters along the way.

2. As a Hindu island, Bali is the perfect place for a relaxing and spiritual retreat.

3. The Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud is fantastic—if you like monkeys, anyway.

6 Important Tips for Traveling Alone

1. Plan ahead. At the very least, know where you are staying for the first night.

2. Choose accommodation with communal areas if you’re worried about being lonely.

3. Learn how to pack light.

4. Keep an emergency phone on you with important numbers saved.

5. Tell people where you are going.

6. Trust your instincts.

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