Pleneau Bay Antarctica

The atmosphere is an amazing space opened up from the minute i entered the Lemaire Channel

and from that moment on i had gorgeous weather for my zodiac tour in Antarctica.

Was worried that i may not see the sun during my visit to the 7th continent.

It is said that you have a 20% chance of good weather in Antarctica

so when i had a solid three days in a row of sunshine the passengers and crew were ecstatic.

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Pleneau Bay Antarctica
pleneau bay antarctica seal ship

Pleneau Bay Antarctica

It was a beautiful day and

we had already experienced

so much. We had passed

through the photogenic

Lemaire Channel and

paddled through the brash

ice near Peterman island.

We had seen whales and

seals and snow and ice. Yet the day was only half over.

The afternoon warmed up so much that we all ended up having lunch on the Lido deck

of the Sea Spirit in the middle of Pleneau Bay.

Pleneau Bay Antarctica
pleneau bay antarctica quark lunch

We enjoyed the view but didn’t relax for long because we were about to explore some more.

Pleneau Bay is an incredible display put on by Mother Nature

where you will find an iceberg graveyard.

Yes, there is such a thing as an iceberg graveyard and this bay is filled with

some of the most extraordinary ice formations you will ever see.

Having made their way from the far reaches of the south of the continent,

ancient chunks of flat ice and rolled icebergs have run aground to spend the

rest of their days rumbling and churning in the Pleneau Bay.

Enjoy our Zodiac Tour of Antarctica

I have had the pleasure of heading out on our own zodiac with Expedition Leader Shane Evoy

of Georgian Bay, Ontario.

A big thanks to him for suggesting that I stand in the middle of the zodiac

while he cruises around the bay to give us this very cool video.

Sailing with Quark Expeditions allows for maximum time off the ship

to give passengers maximum time on shore or out on the water.

One of my favourite things; after kayaking was taking the zodiac around the bays

and harbours to explore the ice and wildlife in an intimate fashion.

seal relaxing antarctica

Taking photographs of

crabeater, leopard and

Weddell seal sleeping on ice

flows while working our way

through the maze of

icebergs was one of the

most thrilling experiences

we have ever had.

We may have had to skip

out of kayaking today, but it allowed us to snap photographs that we would never have been

able to capture had we been paddling.

What we love about the kayaking is how you can lose yourself in the moment,

but what we love about the zodiac is how you can take everything in.

And besides, we got to see our paddling mates as they floated right by a giant sea bridge.

Pleneau Bay Antarctica
pleneau bay antarctica kayaking

It is rare to witness such powerful beauty.

The expedition staff expertly approach icebergs with the knowledge

of just how dangerous they may be.

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Tips for Kayaking

Careful not to get too close, yet experienced enough to proceed with caution.

We had a front row seat to view ice bridges,

giant cones and long tubes of ice that are thousands of years old.

pleneau bay antarctica icebergs

I have never seen such clear blue water. It was as smooth as glass and had that vivid blue

that can only be seen in pristine environments surrounded by ice.

There is something about glacial water. I know that it is the sea,

but it still reminded me of the glacier lakes that we discovered in New Zealand.

Someone had said to us to make sure we capture the blues in the ice when taking photos

before we left for Antarctica and once we arrived at the continent we knew exactly what they

meant. You will never see blue in ice quite the same way as it is displayed in Antarctica.

kayaking icebergs antarctica

The bay is so huge and with

a passenger list of only 107

people we felt as if we had it

to ourselves. We probably

would have never come in

contact with another zodiac

had Shane not radioed

Expedition Team member

Jamie to come over to our

neck of the woods for a photo shoot.

antarctica seals

Quark Expeditions only puts

8-10 people on the zodiac

so everyone always has

ample space to capture a

perfect view of the wildlife

and scenery.

Boat drivers will make

passes on either side to

allow everyone on the

zodiac a clear view.

When you are at the front of the boat,

you are asked to sit down while the people in the back stand to grab their photographs.

It is a system that works well-giving everyone the opportunity to take at the moment.

We didn’t want our day on Pleaneau Bay to end,

but we felt completely satisfied by the time we got back to the ship.

Our Antarctica expedition was one of the busiest trips we have ever taken

and even though we were happy to stay out on the water for hours on end,

we were also grateful for what little downtime we got to take advantage of the amenities

on the Sea Spirit.

What will tomorrow bring? You never know when in Antarctica.

It’s always different and it’s always filled with excitement.


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