Most Visited Locations in Italy…


Italy is one of the mostly visited destination in the world,

with large number of trooping in from every corners of the world.

Italy is no doubt a tourism hub either for people travelling for vacations,

adventurer engagements, foods and drinks, romance, etc.

In this combined article, we give you a breakdown of this fascinating

Cool Most Visited Locations to see and visit in Italy.

Most Visited Locations in Italy
The Roman Colosseum

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1. Santuario Madonna della Corona.

Built right into a vertical cliff face on Italy’s Mount Baldo,

the Santuario Madonna della Corona (Sanctuary of the Lady of the Crown)

looks as though it is nearly suspended in mid-air.

Most Visited Locations in Italy

The church does not actually hang on the sheer face but instead

sits on a thin rock shelf that can only be reached by a thin path.

Originally the secluded shelf was home to a hermitage where holy

men could come for silent reflection, completely removed from the

rest of the world. The actual church was built in 1530 and the site

became a chapel for anyone wanting to pay pilgrimage and

contemplate the nature of God in peace.

The main chapel saw a number of changes over the ensuing

centuries growing larger

and at one point having a larger church built over the existing one.

Thanks to its relative inaccessibility the church was never totally destroyed or desecrated

and managed to survive into the 20th century, crumbling a bit but intact.

In the 1970s an Italian architect tore down much of the aging structure and built it back up,

taking care to retain as many important artistic flourishes as possible.

Today the once treacherous mountain path to the

chapel has been modernized and the remarkable

church is still a popular pilgrimage site for visitors

coming to see the Scala Santa, a replica of the stairs

to Pilate’s palace that Jesus ascended before he was

condemned to be crucified.

Oh and also to see a church cling to a cliff like it is in hiding.

2. Positano, Amalfi Coast.

Once a vital part of a mighty sea power,

Positano is today a sophisticated resort on the central Amalfi Coast.

Moorish-style architecture rises up steep slopes that gaze out on the Sirenuse Islands.

Smart boutiques, selling fashions for visitors to display on Grand Beach, abound in the village.

And it’s a great base for exploring the area you can easily travel by boat to Capri,

Ischia and the Grotta dello Smeraldo cave.

Most Visited Locations in Italy

3. Thaiti Cala Coticcio Caprera.

Tahiti is in Sardinia!

This is the name given to one of the most popular symbols of the Maddalena Archipelago,

on the northwestern extremity of Sardinia:

fine sand and a turquoise sea with surrounding rose-coloured cliffs and Mediterranean scrub

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful little coves in

the Maddalena National Park. The beach of Cala Coticcio

is located on the northeastern part of the island

of Caprera, the second largest island of the archipelago,

in front of the Scoglio Murru. It has fine, almost dazzling

white sand and the colours of the crystal clear sea are

framed by rose-coloured rock and the shrubs of the

Mediterranean scrub.

The beach is a real natural pool, also known as ‘Tahiti’.

It is environmentally protected and can be reached via sea,

in boats with organized trips around the archipelago and also via land,

along a partially unpaved trekking trail through the rocks.

This is a tiring walk, requiring gym shoes and a good supply of water,

but at the end of the last, rather steep part of it,

you will be rewarded by the sight of the iridescent reflections of the sea.

You will be able to admire the stunning seascape,

with its bright colours and background of impressive rocks,

and enjoy relaxing in the peace and quiet it offers you.

Then you can delve deep into the nature reserve:

an authentic aquarium with numerous species of fish and starfish.

It is ideal for snorkelling enthusiasts.

The ‘Sardinian Tahiti’ is undoubtedly not the only gem

along the coast of Caprera. Not far away, you can visit

Cala Portese (or Cala dei Due Mari), another source

of pride for the island, and the splendid Spiaggia del

Relitto(Beach of the Shipwreck), featuring fine white

sand and the skeleton of an ancient ship on the shore.

To the west, don’t miss out on the blue waters of Cala Napoletana,

the wild nature of Cala Garibaldi and the stretch of light sand in Cala Serena.

After diving into this haven, still in Caprera,

a visit to the place in which the Hero of Two Worlds resided during the last 26 years of his life

is a must: the Compendio diGiuseppe Garibaldi with its Casa Bianca

(White House) is one of the most frequently visited museums in Italy.


4. Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese

Most Visited Locations in ItalyWe have all seen the photo and the accompanying articles

professing you can romantically dine in a candlelit cave

overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The allure of that photo, a

restaurant set in an unexpected location – who wouldn’t

want to go there? I certainly did. It’s the Grotta

Palazzese Summer Restaurant and it’s located in a hotel by

the same name in Polignano a Mare in the Puglia region of

Southern Italy.


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5. Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol

The Trentino-Alto Adige, or South Tyrol, region is Italy’s northernmost region.

It’s mountainous and has lots of rivers and lakes to explore.

Medieval towns and castles dot the region and it’s a great place to go

for Christmas markets because of the Austrian influence.

The A22 Autostrada (the line shown on the map) runs through the center of the region

from the Brenner pass in the north and continues south to Verona and beyond.

A major rail line also runs near the autostrada.

To the north of Trentino-Alto Adige is Austria.

A small section of Switzerland abuts the region’s northwest corner.

To the east is the Veneto region, and to the west is Lombardy and the Lakes region.

Provinces of the Trentino Alto Adige Region

The Trentino-Alto Adige region is broken into two provinces.

The southern province of Trentino is mostly Italian speaking,

while in the northern province of the Alto Adige, called Sudtirol

or the South Tyrol, the inhabitants speak mostly German and towns have both an Italian

and a German name.

The South Tyrol was part of Austria-Hungary before being annexed by Italy in 1919.

Both provinces are bordered by mountains and have good opportunities for skiing

and winter sports as well as mountain hiking from late spring through early fall.


6. Capri

Capri, an island in Italy’s Bay of Naples, is famed for its rugged landscape,

upscale hotels and shopping, from designer fashions to limoncello and handmade leather sandals.

One of its best-known natural sites is the Blue Grotto,

a dark cavern where the sea glows electric blue,

the result of sunlight passing through an underwater cave.

In summer, Capri’s dramatic, cove-studded coastline draws many yachts.

Capri is beautiful – seriously beautiful.

There’s barely a grubby building or untended garden

to blemish the splendour.

Steep cliffs rise majestically from an impossibly blue

sea; elegant villas drip with wisteria and bougainvillea;

even the trees seem to be carefully manicured.

Long a preserve of celebrities and the super-rich, this small,

precipitous island off the west end of the Sorrento

Peninsula has a tangible deluxe feel. Your credit card can

get a lot of exercise in its expensive restaurants and

museum-quality jewellery shops – a cappuccino alone can

cost €7. But, regardless of this, Capri is worth visiting,

whatever your budget. Glide silently up craggy Monte

Solaro on a chairlift. Relive erstwhile poetic glories in Villa

Lysis. Find a quiet space in the sinuous lanes of Anacapri.

In the process, you’ll enjoy some sublime moments.

7. Amalti

The spectacular sunsets along our exquisite coastline are known and adored worldwide,

and if you are so blessed as to find yourselves on the AMALFI COAST,

you simply cannot go home without experiencing one.

While gently cruising, prosecco and snacks will be offered on board, 

watching the sun slowly dip into the sea. 

Your scene is set, all Amalfi coast, and you will be nothing short of awe-struck

as the sky slowly stuns with its light show,

on soft cushions and a cozy comforter.

Pinks, orange, purple, red, all lazily blending and mixing just as the first stars begin to wink

and sparkle in the darkening sky!

Around 8.45 pm, you can decide to return to the original

meeting point or to continue your private dream tour by

stopping at a romantic seaside restaurant, reachable only by

boat, and decidedly where you will enjoy a delicious candle-lit

dinner under the shimmering blanket of stars that is the



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8. Lago di Molveno

Located at the shores of Lake Molveno and at the bottom of the Brenta Dolomites,

the village is especially popular with hikers and mountaineers.

Molveno is the ideal place for nature lovers and those

interested in culture and history. The crystal-clear waters of

Lake Molveno reflect the peaks of the surrounding Brenta

Dolomites and cultural treasures, such as the local water mill

(still working!) or the 13th century San Vigilio church,

are waiting to be discovered.

Summer turns Molveno into a great place for swimming,

windsurfing, canyoning, sailing or fishing – not to forget the

lovely rowboat trips across the lake.

At the lakeside there is a fantastic campsite and Molveno also offers

a multifunctional centre with volley and basket fields,

gym and climbing wall as well as a congress hall.

In winter it offers numerous opportunities to sports

enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Skiers and snowboarders, for instance,

might head for the Paganella skiing area,

featuring a total of 50 km of ski slopes.

A bus takes you right from the village centre to this great skiing area.


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