Full Fondue Carvery Recipes 

Be inspired by the Fondue recipe and see that fondue is interestingly enjoyed more

if made at home and with a call up of friends and family while its cold outside!

Fondue is always the right bet for cold days, and even better when made at home,

the way you like best. Of cheese, meat, chocolate …

Full Fondue Carvery Recipes 

Few things match the cold as well as a delicious fondue! After all, what could be better than,

on a cold night, gathering friends around a steaming pot to eat very well ?!

Even better if the idea is to provide a “full fondue carvery”, with cheese, meat

and finally chocolate fondue (just as good restaurants offer, especially in cold cities).

Besides the “comfort” aspect, making fondue at home is synonymous with economy and,

of course, countless possibilities: after all, you can make the recipes the way you like, varying,

for example, the types of cheese used, the sauces will accompany the meat fondue,

the fruits that will be dipped in chocolate and much more!

Salted Fondues

Full Fondue Carvery Recipes 

1. Original cheese fondue :

The recipe yields up to four people, and you will need cheeses (emmental, gruyère, comté,

beaufort, steppe), garlic, dry white wine, nutmeg and coarsely shredded bread cubes ( Italian type).

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2. Creamy fondue on bread :

This delight is simply made with the cheese inside the bread. Cheese (brie or comembert)

and bread (Italian), by the way, are the only ingredients in the recipe.

3. Fondue de gorgonzola and curd on bread :

Besides being an easy recipe, it is extremely delicious… For cheese lover no blemish!

It’s just not “a real fondue” because it’s not made in rechaud,

so cream cheese doesn’t stay at the same temperature all the time, but it’s delicious and warm.

4. College Cheese Fondue :

An easy and inexpensive alternative to making fondue at home.

You will use only cream cheese, milk, flour, grated mozzarella, cream cheese and garlic.

5. Cheese fondue with white wine :

Great choice for a special evening. You’ll need Gruyère cheese, Steppe cheese, Maasdam cheese,

nutmeg, black pepper, dry white wine, cornstarch and garlic.

6. Gruyere and edam cheese fondue :

Easy to prepare, great for when you meet friends at home. You’ll need gruyere cheese, black

cheese (edam cheese), garlic, dry white wine, flour and of course delicious breads to go with it!

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7. Gruyere and Emmental cheese fondue :

To accompany this delicious fondue, you can choose breads, chips (röesti, sauté and noisette)

or a mix of broccoli, carrots, potatoes and mushrooms.

8. Gorgonzola, mozzarella and curd fondue:

A creamy and flavorful fondue. After all, anyone who knows knows how much gorgonzola provides

a striking flavor to recipes! In addition to the cheeses, you’ll need sour cream and bits of Italian

bread and chips to go with it.

9. Fondue 2 cheeses with kirsch :

A recipe that shows that homemade fondue is much tastier than that made with grocery-ready

mix, and at the same time is not much work.It’s worth noting!

10. Cheddar Fondue and Beer :

You only need Ementhal cheese, good quality Cheddar cheese, Lager beer, Kirsh

(if not, use cachaça) and cornstarch. To accompany, diced breads.

11. Gruyere, Gouda and Emmental Cheese Fondue :

In addition to the gruyere, gouda and emmental cheese, you’ll need garlic,

Ale beer (choose a clear one), cornstarch, nutmeg and cubes of Italian bread to accompany.

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12. Fond Meat to Wine :

Great Way to Fend the Cold! You will need onion, dry red wine, garlic, knorr broth and filet

mignon. The tip is to make two sauces to accompany, a rosé and a cheese.

13. Oil-Free Meat Fondue :

Also called chinoise, this type of fondue, besides being a lighter option because it does not use oil,

has the great advantage of not leaving the environment smelling of fat.

14. Tomato Fondue :

A type of fondue not eaten with bread but with boiled potatoes.

Delicious, easy to prepare. You will only use cheese, garlic, peeled tomatoes,

olive oil, black pepper, salt, thyme, fresh oregano and small potatoes fondue packs.

Sweet Fondues

Full Fondue Carvery Recipes 

15. Fast Chocolate Fondue :

A practical recipe that pleases everyone. Ideal to be served after cheese and meat fondue.

You will need fresh cream, dark chocolate, bananas and strawberries.

16. Chocolate Fondue with Lemon Cake :

The tip is to make a lemon cake to be dipped in chocolate fondue…

That is a delicious combination, a different way to serve fondue to friends.

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17. Nutella Chocolate Fondue :

To add that special touch to the well-known chocolate fondue!

To accompany bananas and strawberries cut into slices.

You can also put a little bit of Amarula liqueur to give it a different taste.

18. Cherry Liqueur Chocolate Fondue :

A recipe for eight people, great for when you get friends at home! You’ll need chopped milk

chocolate or blend (20% bitter / 80% milk), sour cream, cherry liqueur (or brandy) and fresh fruit.

19. Brandy Chocolate Fondue :

A quick and easy recipe to make the most of the cold days of the year! You’ll need dark chocolate,

whey cream, brandy, and fruit.

20. Chocolate Ice Cream Fondue :

In a tropical country like Brazil, there’s nothing like adapting

certain recipes to make them more refreshing! In this fondue, the secret to making small iced balls

is to use a melon cutter.

21. Crispy Chocolate Fondue :

How about adding a crispy touch to the familiar chocolate fondue? For this you will make baskets

of puff pastry. For the chocolate syrup, you will use sour cream, milk chocolate, orange liqueur and


22. Light Chocolate Fondue :

Nothing beats eating chocolate fondue without blame!With low calories and no added sugar,

this recipe can also be used as a topping for varied pies or desserts, killing that sweet tooth.

23. Vegan Chocolate Fondue :

You only need chopped dark chocolate, flaked oats, water and coconut milk.

There are vegan bitter chocolates, but it’s important to be aware of the ingredient list.

If you prefer, you can use soy cream instead of oatmeal.

24. White Chocolate Fondue :

A great dessert for the colder days. The recipe, if it can be called that, is very simple…

Just mix it up and heat it up. The yield is six servings.

25. Nutella Ice Cream Fondue :

A delicious recipe that takes only two ingredients. Being an iced fondue, you don’t even have to

wait for winter to do so! Another advantage is that it yields a lot, so it is great for dessert in a

lunch, with several colorful fruits.

26. Easy dulce de leche fondue : 

A way to vary, replacing the well-known chocolate fondue. The yield is five servings and you will

need dulce de leche, sour cream, bananas, apples and lemon.

27. Cognac dulce de leche fondue : 

A simple recipe that takes few ingredients but is delicious…

For the sweet lover no blemish! One detail is that the fondue is not nauseating.

28. Nest milk fondue :

The combination of powdered milk + acai is already amazing… So imagine making a sweet white

cream to pass balls made with the fruit pulp ?! A delicious way to enjoy a sweet weekend!

29. Fondue Romeo and Juliet :

To make this different and delicious dessert, you will use condensed milk, fresh cream, cream

cheese, guava, water, biscuit, coffee and ice cream sticks.

With so much shared, its time to bring together family and friends to make delicious savory

and sweet fondues to eat, drink, as well chat while its cold or calm evening.


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